Normalising Newborn Sleep for Parents ( CAPPA Blog post 2022)

As we all know, newborn sleep is challenging for parents new and old! Dr Sears in his The Baby Book (2013) writes about “The tiring facts of infant sleep”. It’s not tiring for baby but the adults caring for them! And we all know that we are not at our best when we’re sleep deprivedContinue reading “Normalising Newborn Sleep for Parents ( CAPPA Blog post 2022)”

Covid 19 and A Shift in Support

So beautiful yet capable of causing havoc in the human body. The SARS-CoV-2, or SARS Coronavirus -2. We are currently in a state of emergency in Ontario in response to the Covid 19 worldwide pandemic. Many countries are on lockdown, with their borders closed in an effort to control the pandemic. This has been inContinue reading “Covid 19 and A Shift in Support”

It’s been a while…and volunteers needed!

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. I have decided to start blogging again as I used to enjoy doing it. I have been pretty busy with the business and work and so the blogging  got pushed aside. Since I last penned anything on here, I have become a CAPPA Certified ChildbirthContinue reading “It’s been a while…and volunteers needed!”

Now Offering Labour Doula Services at Cherry Blossom Doula Services

Another string to add to my bow. Have recently completed a Labour Doula training workshop with Kimberley Healey Fernandez of the Toronto Doula Group. I also recently attended a niche marketing workshop too. This doula is ready to rock and roll. I am busy this December, am currently waiting for the birth of another client,Continue reading “Now Offering Labour Doula Services at Cherry Blossom Doula Services”